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New Slim-Case Enclosures are IP 54/65 Rated

Feature soft contours for enhanced ergonomics and optimum aesthetics Offers frameless design that makes it compact and comfortable to hold Ideal for handheld touchscreen and wireless data transfer devices
Source: /fullstory/new-slim-case-enclosures-are-ip-54-65-rated-40043750

New Physical Security Automation Software Utilizes Machine Learning Framework

Capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data from otherwise disparate security systems, data stores and input devices Comes with application designer studio and workbench Employs deep AI based automation for SOC operations, autonomous alarm reduction and reporting
Source: /fullstory/new-physical-security-automation-software-utilizes-machine-learning-framework-40043760

Latest Multi-Junction VCSEL Arrays Come in Compact One Square Millimeter Size

Offer lower power dissipation, very high slope efficiencies, and optical peak powers Used in high performance all-solid-state medium and long-range LiDAR Ideal for advanced consumer, automotive LiDAR, and other 3D sensing applications
Source: /fullstory/latest-multi-junction-vcsel-arrays-come-in-compact-one-square-millimeter-size-40043744

New Nuclear Gauge is Ideal for Road Construction Industry

Designed to accurately read both asphalt and soil Offers backscatter measurements on asphalt and direct transmission measurements on soils Meets standards for density testing like ASTM D2950 for asphalt and ASTM D8167 for soils
Source: /fullstory/new-nuclear-gauge-is-ideal-for-road-construction-industry-40043746

Latest Handheld 3D Scanners are Ideal for Professionals and Small Businesses

Provide reliable and maximized scan quality with an accuracy of up to 0.030 mm. (0.0015 in.) Can capture the surfaces in the entire field of view with a scan area of 275 x 250 mm. (10.8 x 9.8 in.) Able to scan all shapes and sizes regardless of the part size, complexity, material, or color
Source: /fullstory/latest-handheld-3d-scanners-are-ideal-for-professionals-and-small-businesses-40043741

New Phenolic Resins are Suitable for Tape and Label Markets

Ideal for pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) tape and label applications Applications include masking tape and ductwork tape Can also be used for reinforcing, splicing, electrical insulation tape, along with noise vibration harshness (NVH) systems
Source: /fullstory/new-phenolic-resins-are-suitable-for-tape-and-label-markets-40043753