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New CA900 Fluoride Analyzer Comes with Electrode Measurement Technology

Delivers continuous, accurate measurement of fluoride in aqueous solutions to support municipal water, industrial plant process and effluent treatment applications Operates in environments from 0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F) and offers measurement ranging from 0.1 to 200 mg/l (0.1 to 200 ppm) Offers users a choice of two pre-set levels to choose from--either 1 ppm or 10 ppm on its touch screen display
Source: /fullstory/new-ca900-fluoride-analyzer-comes-with-electrode-measurement-technology-40030620

New iMachine Artificial Intelligence Software Enhances Analytics, RPA and IVA

Utilizes advanced AI technologies and artificial neural network (ANN) and offers 3 artificial intelligence engines including NLP/NLU, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) Features multi-engine AI technologies consisting of natural language processing/natural language understanding, machine learning and deep learning Equipped with user interfaces and training modules supporting its multiple engines and users can select the most optimal engine(s) for their applications and train...
Source: /fullstory/new-imachine-artificial-intelligence-software-enhances-analytics-rpa-and-iva-40030616

ABC Announces an Increase in the Construction Backlog Indicator in August 2019

The Associated Builders and Contractors reported an increase to nine months in August 2019, up 0.5 months or 5.4% from July 2019, when CBI stood at 8.5 months. According to the report the nonresidential construction spending activity lags and most recent backlog readings show that contractors are still experiencing significant demand for construction services.By contrast, backlog for those involved in heavy highway projects or other forms of infrastructure reached 10.4 months, an...
Source: /companystory/abc-announces-an-increase-in-the-construction-backlog-indicator-in-august-2019-40030625

New Thermoplastics from Stratasys Can Withstand Rough Handling of Tools

Meets specific requirements of 3D printed applications in manufacturing and can accommodate high temperatures and challenging requirements common on the production floor Materials include Antero™ 840CN03 for the Stratasys Fortus® F900™ 3D printer, and Diran™ 410MF07 and ABS-ESD7™ for the Stratasys F370™ 3D printer Offer manufacturers toughness and low friction that combined with resistance to hydrocarbon-based chemicals and smooth surface
Source: /fullstory/new-thermoplastics-from-stratasys-can-withstand-rough-handling-of-tools-40030613

New J850 3D Printer from Stratasys Enables Designers on the Design Process

Boosts speed and productivity for designers and engineers with material capacity and faster printing for high print quality and reduced time-to-market Offers advanced settings that can produce concept models and seven-material capacity enables designers to print a full range of color, transparency and flexibility combinations in a single part Ideal for industries such as consumer goods, consumer electronics, automotive, and education settings
Source: /fullstory/new-j850-3d-printer-from-stratasys-enables-designers-on-the-design-process-40030606

New SWaP-Optimized Embedded Computing System Meets MIL-STD-202H Specifications

Features Intel® 5th generation Apollo Lake Atom™ processors with error-correcting memory and operating temperature ranging from -40º to +85ºC Includes TPM 2.0 security chip, on-board power regulation, USB and Ethernet I/O ports, and Mini PCIe expansion sockets Offered in 55 x 95 x 27 mm package and is ideal for space-limited applications such as in unmanned vehicles, whether on land, underwater, or in the air
Source: /fullstory/new-swap-optimized-embedded-computing-system-meets-mil-std-202h-specifications-40030602