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SonoDur2 Hardness Tester Uses Manual and Motorized Probes

SonoDur2 Hardness Tester with data logger features automatic software updates, data logging in line with current Windows software and probes that offer test between 1N to 100N forces. Unit provides user with a TFT color-display for setting and displaying averages, history and tolerance thresholds. This tester is offered with 4GB memory, replaceable charger and PC SonoLink software. Tester is used for measuring aluminum to steel metals and meets ASTM A1038 and DIN 50159 standards.
Source: /fullstory/sonodur2-hardness-tester-uses-manual-and-motorized-probes-40010424

Canvys 4K HD Displays Come with Optical Bonding Option

Canvys 4K HD displays are available in 27 and 32 in. sizes with metal housing. Units feature anti-glare or anti-reflective coating, four picture input and various display modes. These displays come with optional projected capacitive touch. Units are suitable for unfavorable lighting environments and are available in medical and industrial versions.
Source: /fullstory/canvys-4k-hd-displays-come-with-optical-bonding-option-40010440

FTTx Enclosures Can be Used as Building Entry Point or Floor Distributor

Fiber Façade Enclosures are designed to connect street level fiber cables to individual residences and businesses. Units accommodate up to eight fiber drops to home, apartment or small office building. Enclosures feature hinged splice tray that supports up to 18 fusion splices to splice and route fibers in a building and come with optional pluggable connectivity. Units are UV protected and sealed.
Source: /fullstory/fttx-enclosures-can-be-used-as-building-entry-point-or-floor-distributor-40010436

Southcoâ�(TM)s Paddle-Style Actuators Offer Remote Multiple-Point Actuation

AC-20 and R3-22 Paddle-Style Actuators are offered in polished chrome or black powder-coat finishes. These actuators are suitable for applications that require remote opening of doors and panels. Units are constructed from corrosion resistant materials and come with key locking security and secure push-to-close functionality.
Source: /fullstory/southco-s-paddle-style-actuators-offer-remote-multiple-point-actuation-40010434

SPSPFF3 Power Shelf System is Used for Secure Remote Monitoring

SPSPFF3 System consists of SPSPFF3-01 (Shelf), PFF3000-12-069RD (Power Module/Supply), YSD.00273 (PDU) and NAC2006-01 (Controller). This system is used in DC-DC conversion applications and operates in -40 V to -72 V range. The PDU and shelf controller help in remote monitoring and controlling through SNMPv1/2c/3 via 10/100 MB base Ethernet port. SPSPFF3-01 shelf is available for OCP V2 bus-bar style connection whereas the YSD.00273 PDU fits OCP V2 rack opening.
Source: /fullstory/spspff3-power-shelf-system-is-used-for-secure-remote-monitoring-40010432

LHA-19-R Series AC-LVDTs Come with 6.0 mm ID Core-to-Bore Clearance

Alliance Sensors’ LHA-19-R Series contactless AC- Linear Variable Differential Transformers feature in 19.0 mm OD SS housing and 6-pin PTO2A-10-6P radial connector. These units are suitable for factory automation, metal and paper mills, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing applications. LHA-19-R LVDTs are operated in -55 to 125°C temperature range with nominal 3 Vrms from 2.5 - 3.3 kHz excitation source. Units are offered in 12 ranges from ±1.27 to 254 mm.
Source: /fullstory/lha-19-r-series-ac-lvdts-come-with-6-0-mm-id-core-to-bore-clearance-40010429