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New CPU from United Electronic Industries (UEI) Features More Flash Memory

United Electronic Industries (UEI)’s new standalone embedded controllers now feature an optional 8347E CPU. This version includes IEEE-1588 synchronization, solid-state hard drives up to 32 Gigabyte, hardware-based Ethernet encryption, and twice the RAM. The device has flexibility, ruggedness, low cost and small size. It has many measurement and control applications including temperature control, remote/unmanned vehicle control, and hardware in-the-loop (HIL).
Source: /fullstory/new-cpu-from-united-electronic-industries-uei-features-more-flash-memory-40019722

IPC EMS and PCB Statistical Programs for Members Now Open for 2019

IPC’s statistical programs for the printed circuit board (PCB) and contract electronics manufacturing (EMS) industries in North America are open to new participants for 2019. The statistical programs allow access to market and management data. Users can track changes in their market shares, compare their business performance to industry averages within their size tiers and product segments, and identify growing and declining markets.
Source: /companystory/ipc-ems-and-pcb-statistical-programs-for-members-now-open-for-2019-40019723

New Absorption Chillers from Johnson Controls are Energy Efficient

Johnson Controls’ new absorption chillers run on water, a natural refrigerant. They are driven by waste or other low-cost heat sources. They feature a two-step evaporator-absorber and parallel flow design which has a lower salt concentration and requires less energy input.
Source: /fullstory/new-absorption-chillers-from-johnson-controls-are-energy-efficient-40019721

New TPE Compound Grades from Colorite are Durable

Colorite is adding 12 new grades to its Cellene® thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds. The line previously had 28 grades and was used in healthcare and medical device manufacturing. The compounds are available in four series: 1,000 (extrusion grades for IV therapy with high clarity, improved bonding and kink resistance); 2,000 (injection molding and extrusion grades targeting cost-driven IV therapy solutions); 3,000 (injection molding and extrusion grades for general purpose...
Source: /fullstory/new-tpe-compound-grades-from-colorite-are-durable-40019720

Technipaq Expands Packaging Capabilities with New Machines

Technipaq’s new packing machines include a Platen Sealing Pouch System, which is designed for the high-efficiency production of chevron and medical pouches. It has increased process control and intelligent sealing technology and toolless die changes for increased production efficiency. The company also added Vision Detection System on pouch converting machines for increased quality assurance. It has high-resolution camera detection and customized software allowing for continuous...
Source: /fullstory/technipaq-expands-packaging-capabilities-with-new-machines-40019719

New Purification System from GenScript Simplifies the Purification Process

GenScript’s new AmMag™ SA semi-automatic purification instrument accelerates and simplifies protein and antibody purification. This instrument reduces the purification process from days to hours. It uses the speed and high binding capacity of magnetic beads with high throughput for larger sample volumes, allowing researchers to purify up to 50 ml samples while keeping a low endotoxin environment.
Source: /fullstory/new-purification-system-from-genscript-simplifies-the-purification-process-40019718