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Your Pocket Welding Trainer: Welducation Basic App from Fronius

The new Welducation Basic App from Fronius supports virtual learning: the app has a game function which enables users to experience welding interactively and features a quiz that conveys useful information on the joining process. The Welducation Basic App is available free for Android and iOS. At last there is a fun way for welders to build up their know-how. Welducation Basic makes the demanding task of memorizing theoretical content a thing of the past. The app for smartphone and tablet...
Source: /companystory/your-pocket-welding-trainer-welducation-basic-app-from-fronius-40017771

The New CMT Cycle Step Process Variant Provides the User with Greater Control over the Welding ...

Fronius’s new CMT Cycle Step process variant allows the operator to control the pause time between welding cycles as well as the number of individual droplets produced. The reduced heat into the workpiece is beneficial during position welding with gap tolerances. The CMT Cycle Step helps ensure clear ripples in the bead and welding of the smallest fixation points. It is ideal for overlay welding and additive manufacturing applications.
Source: /fullstory/the-new-cmt-cycle-step-process-variant-provides-the-user-with-greater-control-over-the-welding-process-40017770

New Circuit Breaker from Schneider Electric Features Increased Safety Requirements

Schneider Electric’s new low voltage power circuit breaker takes is top in power system uptime and energy efficiency due to its onboard Ethernet communications and Class 1 (≤1% error) active power metering accuracy built into every circuit breaker. It has a wireless remote control of the circuit breaker through Bluetooth to keep maintenance staff outside of the arc flash zone during operation. The new circuit breaker features new IoT enhanced digital capabilities such as wireless...
Source: /fullstory/new-circuit-breaker-from-schneider-electric-features-increased-safety-requirements-40017709

Trelleborg Acquires Coated Fabrics Operation in North America

Trelleborg acquires coated fabrics operation in North America RUTHERFORDTON, NC – July 3, 2018:  Trelleborg has, through its Trelleborg Coated Systems business area, signed an agreement and finalized the acquisition of the U.S. based privately owned company Laminating Coating Technologies, Inc. (Lamcotec). Lamcotec develops and manufactures polyurethane-coated and laminated fabrics primarily used in the aerospace industry and in the healthcare & medical industry. The...
Source: /companystory/trelleborg-acquires-coated-fabrics-operation-in-north-america-40017715

Calendered Product Line of Fairprene Inc®.: Available at Trelleborg

RUTHERFORDTON, NC – March, 15, 2018: Trelleborg’s engineered coated fabrics operations boasts the industry’s most comprehensive product offering of polymer-coated gasketing materials, including products using the original product specifications and formulations of the calendered product line of Fairprene, Inc.® which have been specified in thousands of end-use applications across a multitude of market segments. The original Fairprene® calendered product line...
Source: /companystory/calendered-product-line-of-fairprene-inc--available-at-trelleborg-40017716

Trelleborg Acquires Manufacturer of Coated Fabrics for Medical Equipment

RUTHERFORDTON, NC – February 1, 2018: Trelleborg has, through its business area Trelleborg Coated Systems, signed an agreement and finalized the acquisition of the privately owned U.K. company Dartex Holdings Ltd. The company is specialized in the manufacture of coated fabrics primarily for medical equipment and is a world leader in fabrics for pressure injury prevention. The acquisition broadens Trelleborg’s offering and strengthens the Group’s position as a premium...
Source: /companystory/trelleborg-acquires-manufacturer-of-coated-fabrics-for-medical-equipment-40017717