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N7018A Type-C Test Controller features compliance software packages.

N7018A Type-C Test Controller enables automated validation of USB 3.1, TBT 3, and DisplayPort over Type-C. Unit can set contracts up to 100 watts and set devices into alternate modes, including DisplayPort and Thunderbolt. Product can be operated from a stand-alone graphical user interface or by an application programming interface.
Source: /fullstory/n7018a-type-c-test-controller-features-compliance-software-packages-40006424

VERICUT Software Version 8.1 features report template editor.

VERICUT Software Version 8.1 is embedded with Additive, Grinder-Dressing, and Teamcenter interface. Unit is based on NC program optimization method which maximizes chip thickness and displays graphs and charts. Software comes with sectioning option which allows user to see inside a part during simulation. VERICUT features X-Caliper measuring tool which creates measurement label on the part and the tool displays multiple dimensions. Product offers G-Code offsets.
Source: /fullstory/vericut-software-version-8-1-features-report-template-editor-40006423

iNet® Live Monitoring Software features live map displays.

iNet® Live Monitoring Software enables user to monitor worker location, environment and status. Unit comes with automated alerts, which are activated during emergency situations. Product is compatible with LENS™ Wireless devices, Ventis® Pro Series and Radius™ BZ1.
Source: /fullstory/inet-live-monitoring-software-features-live-map-displays-40006422

TW Series Turbine Flow Meter features 316 stainless steel constructions.

TW Series Turbine Flow Meter is offered in flow ranges from 0.6 to 5,000 gallons per minute. Unit is equipped with tungsten carbide rotor shaft and offers tight machining tolerances. Product is operated in a temperature range of -150º to 350° F and provides working pressures up to 5,000 psi. TW Series is compatible with SignalFire flow totalizer and can wirelessly transmit intelligent flow data to a Gateway. Flow meter is suitable for drilling, chemical injection and natural gas...
Source: /fullstory/tw-series-turbine-flow-meter-features-316-stainless-steel-constructions-40006421

Wenglor Color Sensors are suitable for color object sorting.

Wenglor Color Sensors are offered in 3-color OPT2023 and 12-color OPT2022 models. Units are suitable for detection of color markings on print marks, labels and packages, spectral measurement of colors in printing processes and verifying color values for painting operations. OPT2023 comes with single lens optic and is capable of evaluating up to 3 colors. OPT2022 model’s settings are selectable on the built-in graphical display and operate in diffuse and through-beam mode.
Source: /fullstory/wenglor-color-sensors-are-suitable-for-color-object-sorting-40006420

Extruded Aluminum PCB Enclosures feature removable end caps.

EX Series Extruded Aluminum PCB Enclosures are offered in 17 sizes ranging from 1.93 in. x 2.70 in. up to 8.23 in. x 6.99 in. Units are suitable for data systems and network technology, safety engineering, measurement and control technology. Products are designed for PCBs and can be free standing or surface mounted using an optional flange kit.
Source: /fullstory/extruded-aluminum-pcb-enclosures-feature-removable-end-caps-40006418