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Nova Analytical Systems (Tenova) Commissions Six (6) DuraNOVA Continuous Gas Analyzers for ...

November 16, 2017 - In June 2017, Nova Analytical Systems, a Unit of Tenova Goodfellow Inc., received an order from Ametek Reading Alloys, a division of Ametek Specialty Metal Products, for six (6) DuraNOVA Continuous Process Oxygen Gas Analyzers. Ametek Reading Alloys is a global leader in the production of specialty powdered metals, particularly those with a titanium base. In October 2017, these six units were commissioned by NOVA field service engineers. Titanium powder has an affinity...
Source: /companystory/nova-analytical-systems-tenova-commissions-six-6-duranova-continuous-gas-analyzers-for-ametek-reading-alloys-milling-plant-40007606

Gemini/KB Systems Recently Installed a New Outdoor Ingredient Handling System for Nardone Bakery

Gemini/KB Systems recently installed a new outdoor ingredient handling system for a longtime customer and friend who just opened a new production facility. The system included two outdoor 110,000 lbs. flour storage silos to store two different types of flour as well as three 5000 lbs. day bins to store three minor ingredients Minor Ingredient system Reduced manual handling labor costs associated with transferring pallets of ingredients from the stock area to the production area....
Source: /companystory/gemini-kb-systems-recently-installed-a-new-outdoor-ingredient-handling-system-for-nardone-bakery-40007605

Panel Built Inc Releases New Mezzanine Products

​For most companies looking to expand the room in their warehouse facility, the mezzanine platform will have a distinctive purpose to that facility." Whether the structure will function as a work platform, storage area, or if it is going to hold equipment, it will require different specifications and features in order to function properly. A mezzanine in an area with heavy foot traffic may need more safety features, or a storage platform could require a vertical reciprocating...
Source: /companystory/panel-built-inc-releases-new-mezzanine-products-40007603

One Part Epoxy has Low CTE

Adhesive EP13LTE Passes NASA Low Outgassing Well suited for structural bonding applications, EP13LTE offers excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates and has a stellar physical strength profile. This NASA low outgassing approved system is easy to use, doesn’t require mixing, and has an unlimited working life at room temperature. It also features high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and is able to withstand 1,000 hours at 85°C/85% RH. Read...
Source: /companystory/one-part-epoxy-has-low-cte-40007599

Gen4 Ionizing Point is RoHS compliant.

Gen4 Ionizing Point features metal armored high voltage cable, replaceable emitter point, integrated ground connection and electromagnetic shielding. Unit is used to reduce static electricity problems. This shockless eliminator can be operated using 115V/230V selectable voltage power supply. Product is suitable for slitting, winding, rewinding, ink jetting and silk screening applications. Gen4 enables user to keep small parts separate or from sticking to other surfaces.
Source: /fullstory/gen4-ionizing-point-is-rohs-compliant-40007607

3 in. C-more Micro HMI Panels come with red LED indicator.

3 in. C-more Micro HMI Panels are offered in touch and non-touch versions. Units are equipped with TN LCD monochrome display and 12 selectable LED-driven backlight colors. Offering one RJ12 serial port for programming and PLC connection, products feature 128 x 64 pixel display and five user-defined function keys. HMI panels are powered by RJ12 serial port or from the USB port of a PC using the EA-MG-PGM-CBL programming cable assembly. This C-more device is UL, cUL and CE approved.
Source: /fullstory/3-in-c-more-micro-hmi-panels-come-with-red-led-indicator-40007609